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Michael Mc Cabe was born in England, grew up on the Isle of Wight, and did a spot of acting in Kenya before ending up at Springbok Radio in South Africa. The captain and crew encourage him to change rooms, but the businessman can't believe there isn't a rational explanation for the whole thing, and he's determined to get to the bottom if it. It may be prejudice, but I was only cheated out of a good passage once in my life. It was one June, and the Kamtschatka was a ship I always loved to travel on. She has a lot of advantages, but I won't cross that duck pond in her again. Beyond Midnight." --- the narrator Reviews: A slow-paced, narrator-driven story with minimal sound effects and music. The written story has an element of wry humour which is missing in this production. [7/10] --- z M Out beyond the church of Saint-Germain des Prés, a duel of honour pits Hector de Brissac against his first cousin, André. Based on the Basil Copper short story "The Janissaries of Emilion", first published in Opening: "He awoke for a third consecutive occasion at dawn, sweatin' and terrified, with the details of the dream vivid in his mind. He was a highly regarded writer/producer who created many radio series, including . André the beautiful, André the fortunate, André the loved... In his dying breath, André delivers his deathbed curse: "My shadow shall shut the sunlight from your life! Anything from a spool of thread to complete equipment for an eight-month safari into the Congo. His hands were clutching the simple iron frame of the bedstead above his head and the [dews] of his night terror had soaked the linen of the bedding. He was a genius in his line, that of higher physics. It appears that Michael Mc Cabe wrote most of the scripts, many of which were adaptations of classic ghost stories (with different titles). " Another version aired on The Hall of Fantasy (as "The Mark of Shame") Opening: "It was at the masked ball at the Palais Royal that Hector de Brissac's quarrel with his first cousin, André, began. The women who followed the footsteps of Philip of Orleans, were the causes of many such disputes; and there was scarcely one fair head in all that glittering throng which might not have seemed bedabbled with blood. He was also a friend and acquaintance of mine, and I believe it my duty to tell his story, not that I know what it all means, but I do know that Farlow was not mad. Original authors include Ray Bradbury, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, A. There were many beautiful vipers in those days, and she was one of them; there is no need to mention her name. [loudspeaker] 'You are entering the Bonanza Department Store. And yet, why should a celebrated scientist be admitted at his own request as a private patient to [Green] Mansion for rest and observation. Sources used to create my own log and double-check titles, dates and cast members: SABC Radio Archives, Relic Radio, Radio Horror Hosts, Avengers on the Radio, Internet Speculative Fiction Database, Vault of Evil - Brit Horror Pulp Plus! reviews Webmaster Recommends: A Beautiful Viper | Borneo | The Fifty-Six Gs | The House | Lanceford House | A Man's Worth | The Monkey's Paw | A Night in the Waxworks | No-Name Baby | The Train Jeff Dickson Recommends: Lanceford House A well-travelled businessman, on a routine steamer trip from England to America, runs into a spot of trouble when his roommate (in the upper berth of state-room 105) screams, dashes through the doorway, and is never seen again. I have my favourite ships, you see, and I have a habit of waiting for certain vessels I favour. She has enough bluffing off in the bows to keep her dry and her lower berths are most of them double. You'll find out the terror that was curtained in the upper berth on the June crossing of the Atlantic that year, when all the drowned souls who ever were, endeavoured to drag me... A bewildering mystery, at that, which winds its way from department to department in the world's largest department store. The friend is concerned that in a few nights the dream may reach its final, terrifying conclusion. Palomino Club (club website) is the only strip club in Vegas to feature both nude dancers and a full bar. Because it was licensed for both booze and naked girls before the county passed more restrictive laws, the nude dancing and full bar were grandfathered in, making this club truly one-of-a-kind in Vegas. It combines the best features of both the nude and topless clubs. For example, most of the topless clubs in Vegas charge customers an additional bar tab for time spent in the VIP room. 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